February 14, 2019

Be careful when you book Airline tickets online , Client Raport

We from Above-5 received an experience from repeating client, this is her story

Based on her request we will not publish her real name this, we will address her with Mdm , When Mdm was planning to fly to Europe and Madam was holding a platinium frequent flyer card, and booked the flight with British Airways to London than to Amsterdam, and return from Paris via London back home, as she paid for a Economy Premium what is almost double the economy class price and she was flying lately every month to Europe on Premium class seats or business class and Mdm is platinium card holder you should thinking British Airways will look after you when anything goes wrong,

We can confirm forget about it 

When madam booked her flights as mention earlier 5 weeks for departure by herself , and some appointments where still pending and the secretary was concerned and was monitoring the flight as she has to book a flight from Amsterdam to Paris and she thought she has to book the flight Paris to London for Madams flight home, she went and go ahead and booked the two sectors, but she was not aware that the sector to Paris to London was already booked by Madam its self, When the bookings was done and the secretary shows all the appointments and the two flight to her Boss, When the Boss checked they realized they had a double booking on British Airways, only thing what can be done is to contact British as Mdm thought she is frequent flyer client from British Airways, and can ask for refund the first instance they say no we don’t refund, than they briefed British Airways staff that this client was a Platinium frequent flyer and almost every month some twice a month fly with British Airways to London, Amsterdam or Paris or USA, that’s why she holds a Platinium card, after various talks and British Airways still refused to return the double booking amount to her even you tell them ” i will not fly British Airline any more ” they say that’s your choice Mdm on the end you can see they don’t care who you Really are they only want your money that’s it.

Online booking is easy but has a lot of risk when you use a third party booking engine is even more worse as when any thing goes wrong they will sure not help you you have to go back to the airline we had various clients with bad experiences as well, in general we always  advise book always book direct via de Airlines it self, but still be careful and don’t expect service when the ticket is paid. !!!