Be prepared when you fly

Germs on the plane , dangerous bacteria found on bins , buckles and trays it start already when you go through the security check , please be alert and prevent

Dear traveler be prepared when you are traveling by flight, you will be amazed where you getting in too, from security check till leaving the plane, see below video maybe it will make you scary, special when you travel with children and be care full when you eat the plane food from the tray on front of you even when you use the safety belt , to protect and prevent you from getting be infested with bacteria or in trouble in later stage.

Our advise bring a small bottle of instant hand sanitizer and/or bring wet sanitizing tissue and/or a small bottle of sanitizing spray, both bottles are available in 50ml sized and allowed sized to bring in to the aircraft, available in every pharmacy or super markets before you settle down in your aircraft seat clean your table tray and clean your your safety belt buckle and remote control, than you are are quite protected, and one more thing very important when you leave the aircraft or any toilet when you travel  after you have washed your hand and want to leave the toilets /washroom always use a peace of tissue or toilet paper to open and close the toilets /washrooms door, as the toilet/washroom door are also infested with bacteria. when you travel use the hand sanitizer frequently,

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